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Using Tweetdeck and Buffer to schedule retweets

I have been using Tweetdeck and Buffer the past few weeks to try and be more involved in the small business ecommerce community. One of the benefits of using Buffer is that you can find your content and then post it on a schedule so you spread out your updates.

In my research and testing I found that retweeting at least one good post a day is good. But at first I had no idea how to schedule a retweet so I would just use Tweetdeck and click retweet and send it off right away. This was not ideal because it might be right before or after another scheduled tweet from Buffer. I am sure you know this from your own lists and feed but if you send all your tweets at one time then most people will miss them.

So let me share how I use tweetdeck and buffer to schedule retweets since it is different than other scheduling.

First in tweetdeck I have several columns for different lists. If I see something good that I want to retweet I click the time link in the top right corner. In this case the 2h.

Tweet in Tweetdeck

This will open the tweet on the page. If you are using the Buffer browser extension you will see the Buffer icon and link next to the Favorite link under the post. See the image below.

Tweet on

Clicking this link will open the Buffer modal window and it automatically recognizes this as a retweet that you can schedule.

Buffer retweet

Isn’t that awesome? Now you can fill out your Buffer schedule with more interesting content.

Do you have any tips on how to use Buffer or Tweetdeck? Let me know in the comments.

Focus on a week instead of a year

Focusing on a full year of plan’s for work and personal improvement is not something I find that works well for me.

Give me a milestone or goal for the week and I am more likely to stay on task and succeed. Having a weekly victory will likely be enough encouragement for you to continue towards your larger goals.

In agile development we call these ‘sprints’. Short manageable time periods. If you give yourself too much time and not enough boundaries completion dates slip, scope of the work can grow and change causing confusion, and you just might get distracted by something else.

Take your annual resolutions and start carving out actionable items you can get done today, or this week. You still have a few days left this week to accomplish something. Write it down, tell someone your plan, and be held accountable to getting something done by Friday.

Sell in the right place

How many places are you offering your product for sale? Today you could list your t-shirt in about 1000 different marketplaces and have your own online shop with a custom domain. With all these choices which one is right?

As a small seller online you need to understand the pros and cons of each venue. At some point you might want to become multi-channel but when you are starting out let’s just stick with one marketplace/storefront until you see what adding a second channel would take.

If you could only sell in one place, which storefront or marketplace do you choose?

With a marketplace, think Etsy or Storenvy, you get a built in audience, traffic and search and selling tools. Each marketplace draws people looking for unique products. Storenvy gets a mix of handmade and lifestyle brands. Etsy is vintage and handmade. 

A storefront, like Big Cartel or Shopify, will provide you with a custom domain, control of the design of your shop, unique branding, and no competing with similar products in the same category views. But you will have to generate your own traffic and audience.

Once you pick the place you want to sell you have to be ready to work to make sales regardless of your choice.

I only choose hosted carts in my setups because who wants to worry about upgrading software every month. Pay a small monthly fee for those features that let you focus on growing your business.



Join a community of sellers?

I am looking into building a community of online sellers in 2014 that have their own brands and run small shops on Shopify, Storenvy, Big Cartel, Etsy, Big Commerce or other platforms. Signup below to be part of the email list so I can let you know when we start something new.

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Sales Tax Bootcamp for Online Sellers

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Learn the basics of sales tax collection and remittance no matter where you sell online from industry expert Mark Faggiano of TaxJar. This webinar will take the mystery out of a complex topic with serious financial implications for your business.

Mark will cover when sellers must collect sales tax, how to determine how much sales tax to collect, and what changes if the current federal sales tax legislation passes. Sign up

After “Sales Tax Bootcamp,” you will be armed with the tools and resources to take charge of this complicated part of your business.

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Why you aren’t selling more online

In the journey to find the right mix of products to sell and the best way to market your brand you might run into disappointment over the sales or lack thereof.

Alex Mathers over at the Red Lemon Club came up with 26 reasons why creatives might not be selling their art. I think they work across products. So whether you are creating handmade jewelry or printing lifestyle brand t-shirts take a moment to reflect on these ideas on why no one likes your art.

A few key reasons you aren’t selling more:

It’s not targeted

You don’t know why you are doing something

You don’t present it well

You aren’t well know

You haven’t given it enough time and practice

You are going to run into difficult times with your online business. When it happens don’t give up, push forward.

Keep producing, keep iterating and be purposeful about running your online business with honest review of your business, brand and products.

Read the full list of 26 reasons

Sell something worth buying

If you find yourself wondering why people aren’t buying your products perhaps you just aren’t selling something worth buying.

Honest feedback from others about your store and line of products might shed light on why you aren’t selling more.

Ever work in a coffee shop for the free internet? Next time you are there ask a stranger for their opinion of your online shop and product offerings. Go the extra mile and buy them a coffee for their time.

If you are trying to be successful you can’t be your own customer. Get out there and talk with people who might buy from you. Find out what they are buying, why they are buying it and what they think of your product.

Perhaps you are selling something worth buying but no one understands what you are selling until you explained it to them in person or your product photos are incomplete and just turn people off. You need to find these things out if you want to sell more.

If you set out on this adventure without doing the groundwork you might be selling something that is not worth buying.


Join a community of sellers?

I am looking into building a community of online sellers in 2014 that have their own brands and run small shops on Shopify, Storenvy, Big Cartel, Etsy, Big Commerce or other platforms. Signup below to be part of the email list so I can let you know when we start something new.

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