Free Big Cartel CSS

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Free Big Cartel CSS Features

  • A Left Hand Sidebar Menu
  • A Larger Font for all content
  • CSS Buttons larger than the default graphics
  • A wider storefront
  • A 960px wide header for larger banner images.
  • Check out a live preview with your existing shop. Just add your shop id and browse themes.


Step 1: Login to your BigCartel.com Store and go to the DESIGN tab (consider putting your store into maintenance mode and back up your theme using the download my theme link under THEMES)

Step 2: Click on THEMES and Revert to the SEXY theme.

Step 2: Click on the DESIGN tab then click the CSS button to edit the CSS

Step 3: Open the Tonka Park Is Sexy CSS file (tp-is-sexy.css) and copy the entire contents to the clipboard.

Step 4: Overwrite the entire contents of the existing css with the Tonka Park Is Sexy CSS file contents

Step 5: Click Save and Enjoy your new theme.

About the free css file

I created this free Big Cartel css file to work with all accounts on Big Cartel including the free account. This theme is just a rough view into how to style your big cartel theme using just CSS. If you have a paid plan with Big Cartel consider purchasing one of our premium themes that have more complete designs and include editing your HTML to change the layout even more. The premium themes include keeping the simple color editor in place as well.

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Big Cartel is a service of Big Cartel, LLC and is in no way affiliated with Tonka Park or Matt Anderson.


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About the CSS File

  • Free Download
  • Big Cartel Gold or higher
  • single css file download