Free Big Cartel resources are a bit hard to find. There are a few out there. In an effort to grow and support the big cartel community Tonka Park is now providing a free Big Cartel theme in addition to our already free big cartel css download.

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What’s Included?

If you are unsure about what is involved in purchasing a Big Cartel template then this free layout will be your introduction to a Tonka Park big cartel theme.

The theme download includes the CSS and TXT files that contain the code that needs to be copied, paste and replaced into your Big Cartel Design editor. Only the templates required to be changed from the default are included.

What does it look like?

The home and products pages have 3 product images across in the large format, up to 300x300pixels. The header can be plain text title of the store or will use the banner image uploaded to Big Cartel up to 960pixels wide.

Big Cartel Customization

The theme offers the ability to change the color of the background, font and many other elements to get just the right color pallete for your site. You can see in the examples that different color options can be made.

The Product page displays the product images and additional thumbnails. To the side of the product title and description are the 5 Newest and 5 Top Selling product thumbnails with links to their product pages. These thumbnails can quickly be turned on or off using the DESIGN checkboxes to enable/disable them from displaying.

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The Cart page is the traditional look but with the added product thumbnails.

simple cart page

Big Cartel Theme Installation

  • Backup your current site, under DESIGN->THEMES select ‘Download My Theme’ link to get the zip file of all your pages.
  • Put Site in Maintenance Mode under SETTINGS.
  • Revert your Theme to SEXY if not already selected.
  • Open the TXT and CSS files and copy and paste into the Big Cartel Admin Design section where the filename corresponds to the page name. layout.txt goes to LAYOUT and styles.css goes CSS Editor under the DESIGN section in Big Cartel.
  • Make sure to open files as plain text, do not render the HTML. So please consider using Notepad or use TextEdit on Mac with the Render HTML unchecked in the preferences. If you get an error on the LAYOUT template you likely are not copying the entire contents of the file.

About the Theme

  • Requires Big Cartel Platinum or higher
  • No support is offered for the free theme
  • Remember to always backup your site before making changes