Big Cartel WordPress Plugin

About the Plugin

The Big Cartel WordPress plugin offers a simple way to include your products from a Big Cartel shop on your WordPress site, in posts, pages and widgets.

The plugin provides two shortcodes to use within a post, page or text widget. Additionally there is a Big Cartel Widget available to show a number of products in the order from your Big Cartel Shop as a link list for sidebars.

Big Cartel Product Shortcode

[ bc_product permalink=”product-name-permalink” size=”small|medium|large” css_class=”sample” target=”_blank” show_title=”yes” show_price=”yes” ]

The shortcode is simple to use and has several options for displaying products within a post. The default setting simple requires you to insert the permalink for your product page and that product’s main image will be displayed in the large format from Big Cartel, which is max length of 300 pixels. You can set the size if you want the small or medium photo to be used. The image will automatically be linked to the store’s product page.

We just added in version 0.0.5 the ability to include product images from stores not in your main plugin settings by using the subdomain attribute for the shortcode.

[ bc_product permalink=”product-name-permalink” size=”small|medium|large” subdomain=”tonkapark” [

How to find your product permalink:

Typically your product permalink is your product title with hyphens in place of the spaces. Browse to the product you want to embed and grab the last portion of the url.

If your product is at http://subdomain.bigcartel.com/product/your-best-product, you would use ‘your-best-product’ in your shortcode.

Displaying Multiple Big Cartel Products

If you want to show a product grid or gallery you can use a shortcode to display any number of your products using the bc_products shortcode. This code allows you to show 10 or 300 products nearly replicating the all products view on your shop.

[ bc_products products_count=”10″ size=”small|medium|large” show_title=”yes” show_price=”yes” ]

Big Cartel Products Widget

The Big Cartel Plugin includes a widget that will display any number of products from your Big Cartel shop. Just head over to the widgets section to add it to your widget ready sidebars.

Ideas for use

When blogging about your products simply insert the shortcode with the product permalink and your blog posts will now have the product photos to bring in more shoppers. Keep in mind this now means if you ever update your product photos on the shop, your blog posts will be updated automatically as well.


Please use the contact form with details on any errors or feature requests. We are considering adding a premium version of this plugin if you are willing to pay for more features.


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Big Cartel WordPress Plugin by Tonka Park

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Example Product Links

Here are examples of the product links added by the shortcode to our theme shop.