Hi, I am Matt, an internet developer based in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. The name Tonka Park was inspired by the state park here at the Lake of the Ozarks. I have built TonkaPark.com to be my business home for web development, e-commerce projects and Big Cartel Themes.

I am focused on helping independent artists and small businesses setup their Big Cartel, Storenvy, Shopify, OpenCart or other online shopping carts as well as WordPress blogs.

I am interested in development projects using Ruby and you can find out more about how I have used Ruby to build tools that help Big Cartel shop owners improve their experiences running an online store. The Storenvy Importer and BoxTruck app are just some of our homegrown custom apps for sellers.

I blog regularly on e-commerce topics, typically with a focus for small business owners. I run my own Big Cartel shop, integrated with Pulleyapp to sell my themes and have setup or worked with over 500 Big Cartel shops. So my blog will focus mainly on those topics. Read the Tonka Park Blog.

I am available for hire for any web design or application development project you might have.

Email hello@tonkapark.com. Follow me on twitter and facebook and read the blog for more ideas.