I find myself wanting to change the look of my website and client websites at different times throughout the year. Usually I have seen some shiny new website that makes my website look less interesting to me.

Ever had that happen? You are perfectly content with what you have until you see an ad for some new product or your friend gets a new phone? Worse what if your competitor upgrades his website with the latest technology, new images and a responsive design?

I am here to remind myself and you that you don’t need a new website design. You don’t need to spend $1000 for a graphic designer to come up with some fancy new ideas. You don’t even need to spend $50 on some stock graphics or photography.

What you really need is to reach out to your existing and potential customers and forge relationships. The best business I get is not because my website is the latest and greatest thing but its because I help people and they refer new clients to me.

If you sell something worth buying and you treat people like you want to be treated, that is a great step in building your business without having to spend your marketing budget on a brand new website. Save yourself some money and wait to redesign your websites until you have better relationship with your customers.

And then you still can just add better content to your site before having to redesign the whole thing.

Now…if you don’t have a website at all then take an hour this week and buy a domain name as an investment in your future. If you aren’t sure on how to do that or what to do next, feel free to email me any time.