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Using Tweetdeck and Buffer to schedule retweets

I have been using Tweetdeck and Buffer the past few weeks to try and be more involved in the small business ecommerce community. One of the benefits of using Buffer is that you can find your content and then post it on a schedule so you spread out your updates.

In my research and testing I found that retweeting at least one good post a day is good. But at first I had no idea how to schedule a retweet so I would just use Tweetdeck and click retweet and send it off right away. This was not ideal because it might be right before or after another scheduled tweet from Buffer. I am sure you know this from your own lists and feed but if you send all your tweets at one time then most people will miss them.

So let me share how I use tweetdeck and buffer to schedule retweets since it is different than other scheduling.

First in tweetdeck I have several columns for different lists. If I see something good that I want to retweet I click the time link in the top right corner. In this case the 2h.

Tweet in Tweetdeck

This will open the tweet on the page. If you are using the Buffer browser extension you will see the Buffer icon and link next to the Favorite link under the post. See the image below.

Tweet on

Clicking this link will open the Buffer modal window and it automatically recognizes this as a retweet that you can schedule.

Buffer retweet

Isn’t that awesome? Now you can fill out your Buffer schedule with more interesting content.

Do you have any tips on how to use Buffer or Tweetdeck? Let me know in the comments.