In the journey to find the right mix of products to sell and the best way to market your brand you might run into disappointment over the sales or lack thereof.

Alex Mathers over at the Red Lemon Club came up with 26 reasons why creatives might not be selling their art. I think they work across products. So whether you are creating handmade jewelry or printing lifestyle brand t-shirts take a moment to reflect on these ideas on why no one likes your art.

A few key reasons you aren’t selling more:

It’s not targeted

You don’t know why you are doing something

You don’t present it well

You aren’t well know

You haven’t given it enough time and practice

You are going to run into difficult times with your online business. When it happens don’t give up, push forward.

Keep producing, keep iterating and be purposeful about running your online business with honest review of your business, brand and products.

Read the full list of 26 reasons