Get to know your customers by name. I had written about giving your customers a great story to tell about your business and then I see this great tip from Adii Pienaar formerly of WooThemes about your email marketing.

Basically it boils down to making your emails personal.

In a world where it’s hard work to get someone to open (and read) your e-mail – especially bulk e-mails – every little bit helps. And starting an e-mail with the right salutation (with the correct spelling and grammar) can only help in recipients actually reading your e-mail. Read the original post

After every sale you make you should be grabbing people’s first names and email address from the orders and tracking that in your spreadsheet or email marketing tool like Mailchimp or Madmimi. Then you can easily send personalized emails to each customer even if everyone gets the same email.

And even if you don’t have their names do what Adii recommends and spend time each month manually sifting through the list of emails trying to find first names and then getting capitalization correct.

It’s these personal touches that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.



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