If you find yourself wondering why people aren’t buying your products perhaps you just aren’t selling something worth buying.

Honest feedback from others about your store and line of products might shed light on why you aren’t selling more.

Ever work in a coffee shop for the free internet? Next time you are there ask a stranger for their opinion of your online shop and product offerings. Go the extra mile and buy them a coffee for their time.

If you are trying to be successful you can’t be your own customer. Get out there and talk with people who might buy from you. Find out what they are buying, why they are buying it and what they think of your product.

Perhaps you are selling something worth buying but no one understands what you are selling until you explained it to them in person or your product photos are incomplete and just turn people off. You need to find these things out if you want to sell more.

If you set out on this adventure without doing the groundwork you might be selling something that is not worth buying.


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