Quickly Import Etsy Listings to Your Storenvy Shop

I know many of you like selling in multiple marketplaces. Two great marketplaces to pair up are Etsy and Storenvy. Etsy has the sheer volume many sellers need when starting out and Storenvy offers the additional features for customization and personlization of your brand that so many people like. Oh and Storenvy is free to use.

I have 50+ listings on Etsy it will take to long to setup another shop to reach a new audience!

Sound like something you have said? Well keep reading for the solution to your problem.

The New Storenvy Product Importer

Check out the new Etsy to Storenvy Product Import App. The Storenvy Importer is able to connect to your Storenvy account, display your Etsy listings and allow you to pick one, several or all of your Etsy listings and import the title, description, price and images to Storenvy in just a few clicks. Then you can easily customize how you want your products to display within the markets and shop areas on Storenvy.

storenvy importer app

Etsy to Storenvy Product Import App

Its Free To Use So Try It

The app is FREE to use so no reason you shouldn’t try it out. I built this app to help small business owners succeed and know every now and then it is nice to have some freebies thrown your way.

More features, just let me know

Try it out and let me know how it works and other features you might like to see. Find me on twitter, @tonkapark, or shoot me an email.

3 Responses to “Quickly Import Etsy Listings to Your Storenvy Shop”

  1. Sherry

    Just want to thank you for your importer. I only have around 200 items to import and I finished 30 of them this evening. It would have been faster but the importer changes ” into other characters so I had to edit each listing as I use for example 15″ and it shows up as 15 then other letters and things. Hope I am making sense
    Anyway, thank you.

  2. Jessica

    Thanks for building this (know it takes a lot of time and dedication). Looking forward to trying it out!