Adding Rich Snippets to Big Cartel Product Pages

Have you used Bing or Google recently for a search? Have you noticed some search results show additional information like breadcrumbs, pricing and stock notices? I thought it would be great to take advantage of these rich snippets with Big Cartel.

Adding Rich Snippets to Big Cartel

This week I have taken the time to update 2 of the most popular Big Cartel Themes to include the markup on the Product template that will allow Google, Bing and Yahoo to display breadcrumbs, price, stock and description. You can see in the preview below that if your product pages are properly indexed and come up in search results you will have a great looking result that should increase the chance people click through to your shop.

Preview Rich Snippets For Big Cartel Products

Get Rich Snippets Code

The rich snippet microdata was added to End of Summer Big Cartel theme and A New Day theme. If you already purchased the theme just re-download for the latest version.

If you already have a custom theme installed you can make the changes yourself by following the directions over at and then using the Google rich snippet preview tool to make sure your product page is setup properly. Then the next thing is to make sure you get these pages linked to by others so you have a better chance of being at the top of search results.



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