Getting Free Big Cartel Backlinks

In my previous post on a 3 Step Link Building Strategy for those selling online like through Big Cartel covered some high level steps to audit your backlinks, find new backlink opportunities and then start using blogging as a content and link generation strategy. Today I wanted to share some ideas on how to setup some free and simple backlinks in more detail for Big Cartel.

Big Cartel Backlink Setup

With your Big Cartel account you have some simple steps to take to get some free backlinks. Once you are signed up make sure to go to your account admin area, find the megaphone icon and go to the Extras tab. From here you can do 2 things that are helpful in promoting and link building for your Big Cartel shop.

Facebook App

First Install the Facebook App on your Facebook Page. This is pretty simple just watch the video and click the button. See the Big Cartel facebook store in action.

Store Directory

The second action to take in the promote area is to add your store to the Big Cartel Directory. Create a 125×125 pixel image that represents your brand and would inspire someone to click on it. Look through the directory at examples. This is a good link back to your site and will drive some traffic, especially if you frequently update your site to keep your store image at the top of recently edited items.

Use built in promotion tools on Big Cartel

Featured Store Blog Posts

Another good link source for Big Cartel shops is to get featured by Big Cartel on their weekly blog posts. This is not easy since there are thousands of shops but if you run a creative and professional brand with high quality products and photos you can often get featured with a link from their tumblr blog. Once your site is up and running just reach out and let them know about your shop. If you cannot get featured by Big Cartel simple find another blog that features products in your niche and submit your site or new products to get featured.

Contribute on the Help Forums

Finally one other way to get a few easy links is by participating in the help forums. Create a profile, add your shop link and then ask or answer questions with other shop owners. Feel free to leave a signature in your responses with a link to your shop. If you are helpful to others they will often click on your link.

That is a potential for at least 4 new links to your shop and possibly some new customers.

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