Big Cartel App Preview: Manage Related Products

I am excited about this post. Tonka Park is preparing to release a new application to manage Big Cartel related and grouped products. Now you can group and upsell your products with ease ideally creating larger orders for your store which uses the Big Cartel platform. Keep reading for preview screenshots.

Updated 3/17/12 – The new site is in beta, check it out at Parkestry.

Related Products

A simple widget shows related products on a Big Cartel Product Page

A popular feature of our Big Cartel themes has been the related products display on the product pages. This has been done in one of two ways but really the solution is limited and not terribly helpful to shoppers. So that led us to this idea to create a widget that shop owners could carefully and deliberately select the specifics products that should be displayed.

A Related Products Widget for Big Cartel

We will be opening the app up to a few lucky shop owners soon. In the meantime check out the screenshots and please sign up to be notified when we open up the new website for beta user signups. This is just the beginning of tools we are going to provide you to sell more this year.

Here you can see how to select the related products for display

View your products and grab the widget javascript code.

Tonka Park’s Big Cartel Widgets as a Service

This new application will be a premium online service and hopefully will have more features being added to the lineup in the coming months based on feedback. With that in mind once this makes its way through testing by some initial shop owners we are considering providing this widget at a monthly price yet to be determined. Ideally the goal is to bring additional, easy to use features to your Big Cartel shop so you do not have to upgrade to a self hosted cart or a different hosted cart that will ultimately cost you more each month for features we can provide you at a low cost without the hassle of leaving Big Cartel.

Sign Up To Be Notified of the Application Launch

We will be taking a few beta users initially so make sure to be on our mailing list for this new web application.
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4 Responses to “Big Cartel App Preview: Manage Related Products”

    • Matt

      Unfortunately Storenvy does not provide their data through an api similar to how Big Cartel does. So some of these additional features I am building will not be available for storenvy shop owners. However, other features I am building would be available. Hope to launch the new web app soon.

  1. Tracie

    Thanks for your reply :)

    Could this be done if it was a custom job by you guys? Or so I can select the related items by a specific tag?

    In Storenvy, you can add variables to check out (i.e Small, med, lrg or colors),

    is it possible to show these variables with a price difference as well?

    If this is something you think you can do, I can email/fill out a official quote form.

    • Matt

      Storenvy is missing a few of the features Big Cartel provides through a javascript api to do extra function like related products. It is possible to do something similar but haven’t tried recently on storenvy.

      You can always contact me via the contact form for more information.