Google Tricks to help Your Big Cartel SEO

Google and your Big Cartel Shop can be good friends. Here are my most recent observations and tips, on working with Google and Big Cartel, from dealing with nearly 100 Big Cartel shops.

Big Cartel and Google

Big Cartel just added today the ability to add Google analytics to your site in the STORE  SETTINGS page, so take advantage of that.

Next you need to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools,, if you haven’t already.

Add your site, Verify your site by adding the meta tag to both the LAYOUT and MAINTENANCE pages so it can be verified whether in live or maintenance mode.

Big Cartel Sitemap

Submit your sitemap. Yes that’s right your Big cartel shop has a sitemap so make sure it is submitted on your webmaster central account!

Big Cartel robots.txt

Yes the guys at Indie labs even added the robots.txt file. It changes depending on if your store is in maintenance mode or not. So if you are ready to sell get your store out of maintenance mode so that your site can be indexed.

Google Products and Big Cartel

I recently posted on this one. But I built a tool to help generate an XML file you can upload to Google Merchant Center. This will help get your products on the Google product searches. It might not work the first try but following the directions below and the notes from Google to get it working.

What I did to upload my products:

  • Download Google.xml file from for your shop. (right click link and save as)
  • In Google Merchant start new feed with same name as XML file you saved. By default this is google.xml.
  • Goto Google Merchant Settings and Claim your url. In most cases I believe this will be
  • Go back to data feeds. Manually Upload the XML file.
  • Wait for processing and it will be finished.
  • It seemed claiming the url took about 20 minutes to take effect

Several people in the Big Cartel Forums got it working, so keep at it.


What tips or questions do you have about getting your site higher in the search rankings on Google?


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